How to Reach Our Hotel

Rail System:

Don't forget to get your Istanbul Card from the machines at the airport before you start using the rail system. In your first Istanbul Card, the airport & ndash; Using the Aksaray (M1A) line, you need to go to Zeytinburnu Tram Station.

When you reach Zeytinburnu 1 min. You can get to the Bağcılar-Kabataş Tram Line (T1) by using the Istanbul Card (make sure that the tram goes to Kabataş) and get to the hotel at 50 minutes from G & uuml; lhane Tram Stop.

After you get off the tram, you will be able to keep the G & uuml; lhan Park Walls on your left hand. You can find our hotel opposite the main entrance of the lhane.

If you are going to stay in Istanbul for a long time or if you are going to use public transportation in Istanbul, you can take Istanbul Card from Atat Airport and take your money. You can klein.

Transportation Provided by Our Hotel:

Another aspect of reaching our hotel is; this is the transportation service you receive from us.

You will be logged into the hotel 2 g> nce> nce; If you call us by phone or e-mail and let us know your landing time with your code, one of the agents we have contracted will pick you up at the airport and bring you to our hotel.

All of the users that provide this service are comfortable and welcome.